Programme Structure

The academic year is split into three terms that include formal time tabled activity and research and self directed learning.

The modular scheme is based upon a credit accumulation system. The Interactive Design BA(hons) programme is made up of a series of modules. A module is a self contained area of study, ie. Audio Visual, module code: ISG1006, module value: 30 CATS points.
Each individual module has a specified credit value of between 30 and 45 CATS points. The award of BA(hons) is based upon the successful completion of 360 credits (120 credits at each level).

Overleaf are diagrams which show the modules that you are taking during the three years of the programme. At the end of each year you will receive a record of your grades for each module studied. To progress you are required to successfully complete each module and accumulate the required number of credits.

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